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  • 折叠包装机

ZDS350 Folding packaging machine

    A, use  This packing machine is used for folding and packing of soft and hard slots of various rectangles or squares. The chicken essence pieces ent...


Product details


  A, use

  This packing machine is used for folding and packing of soft and hard slots of various rectangles or squares. The chicken essence pieces enter the artificial table to arrange and line up, and are sent to the packing position by the transfer belt. The packing process is completed by cutting paper, feeding into the slot, clamping, copying paper, folding Angle, out of the chicken essence pieces, folding and shaping.

  According to the needs of customers, the machine is equipped with automatic alignment device of wrapping paper color standard, which can be used for all kinds of patterns of wrapping paper. According to product requirements, single and double paper packaging.

  The machine is equipped with heat setting device to prevent loose packing, and can also be equipped with chicken essence arrangement device according to customer requirements, so as to facilitate the packing of chicken essence.

  This machine can pack square and rectangular chicken essence block, but need to change some parts according to the specific size of the chicken essence block.

  Second, the parameters

  1. Production capacity

  180 -- 220 granules/min (set according to user's requirements)

  2. Specifications of chicken concentrate:

  A Rectangle: 30.5*24*10 mm (length * width * height) c Thickness not less than 7 mm

  B square: within 22*22*9 mm (side length * thickness) D chicken essence shape should not appear diamond

  3. Electrical specifications:

  Voltage: AC220V * power: 2KW

  Frequency converter: Sinjie VB5-22P2

  Main motor: Y9DS -- 4 2.2KW 1400 RPM

  Driver, stepper motor: DCH20403M N=0.0033 kW

  4. Appearance size (l * W * H)mm:

  Table artificial: 1800*1700*1600

  5. Machine weight: =900 kg

  Iii. Brief introduction of structure

  Working voltage: 220V frequency: 50Hz

  2. Host transmission system:

  Motor with rotor disc jaw, and forward to send chicken block mechanism, respectively to the disc jaw, writing, writing automatically after the completion of the chicken pieces, by means of the eccentric shaft, connecting rod, such as agency, drive disc jaw closed, rushed to send chicken pieces, before after blunt cut chicken pieces, paper, paper cutting, the completion of writing, the chicken pieces, the chicken pieces after thermoforming, In addition, gear transmission is used to drive the oil pump, so that the gear in the box is lubricated

  The details are as follows:

  Disc jaw opening and closing: through the eccentric wheel inside the machine, parallel with the connecting rod, so that the chicken essence block group CAM swing back and forth, and through the roller, child lever so that the chicken essence block clamp to complete the opening or clamping.

  Front feeding chicken essence: through the machine internal dimension gear and connecting rod and other components, drive the push rod to complete feeding chicken essence.

  After punching the chicken essence: through the machine internal eccentric, through the connecting rod to the chicken essence rod, by the chicken essence rod swing back and forth to complete the chicken essence action.

  Feeding low cutting paper: through the roller of the stepping motor to drive the paper feeding and paper feeding speed, and then driven by the pinion inside the machine to drive the upper tool shaft of the rail frame, by a pair of drums in the tool holder (iron drum/rubber motor drive together) to complete, cutting paper by a pair of upper and lower blades in the tool holder.

  Paper copying: through the joint action of the eccentric wheel and the connecting rod inside the machine, the paper copying machine swings back and forth, so that the paper copying sheet fixed on the disk completes the paper copying action.

  Out chicken essence: through a series of eccentric wheels and connecting rods inside the machine and on the table, the wrapped chicken essence (chicken essence) is pulled out, folded and shaped, and sent out by the conveyor chain.

  Turntable barrier rotation: through the machine internal CAM indexing mechanism, indexing mechanism output shaft drives the turntable for clearance rotation.

  Paper folding circle: it is a semicircular pan ring fixed on the body. It protects the paper when the pliers on the wheel clamp the paper and the chicken essence piece back to the wheel. The paper folding piece is installed on the two sides of the latter half of the steel circle.

  4. Electrical system

  Our company adopts domestic big brand xinjie series PLC, frequency converter and man-machine interface, German photoelectric sensor, domestic proximity switch, domestic heating and temperature control system.

  1. The machine adopts single-phase 220V main circuit control circuit. Use touch switch plus PLC circuit control, service life of more than ten thousand times.

  2.* Output power is 2.5 kW.

  3. Frequency converter to adjust the packaging speed 0-350 PCS/ min (self-adjusting speed)

  4. Stepper motor driver controls the length of wrapping paper (can be set according to need).

  Feeding speed controlled by servo motor (automatic matching speed and constant speed mode is optional)

  6. Display screen for packaging speed: wrapping paper length: cursor tracking, up and down parameter cycle: setting.

  7. Photoelectric head (installed according to customer requirements), proximity switch for color standard function, if not color standard, can turn off the photoelectric switch (off).

  8. Temperature gauge, with thermocouple control heating temperature.

  9. A copy of electrical circuit diagram (PDF document is attached for users' reference)



  5. Safe operation of the machine

  1. Preparations before starting:

  (1) to the work table into the chicken essence block, chicken essence block shape should be intact, prevent abnormal chicken essence block, chicken essence block into the wrapping position, and cause continuous broken chicken essence phenomenon.

  (2) Pack the paper and wrapping paper, and adjust the position appropriately.

  (3)* Add 5L of 20# gear lubricating oil inside the box before starting.

  2. Basic operations:

  (1) Turn the hand wheel by hand to observe whether the machine runs normally. Then use the point to start the host, listen to whether there is abnormal mechanical collision sound, if there must be repair, if there is no abnormal can start the host, into normal operation.

  (3) Press the "Start" button to conduct preliminary test package. After inspecting the product, if there is any defect, stop immediately and start the product after the packaging is normal.

  (4) When the machine is in normal operation, the packaging quality should be checked frequently, and the paper feeding and chicken essence feeding should be observed. If incomplete chicken essence is found in the conveyor belt, it should be cleaned up.

  3. Stop and finish work

  (1) Clean the crumbs of chicken essence on the table, track and table

  (2) Remove accumulated dirt on the roll roller and paper knife.

  (3) Add lubricating oil to each moving part.

  4. Setting servo and frequency conversion parameters

  Servo driver

  P05.06 Single turn pulse changed to 500

  P00.0b reversed to 1

  P01.08 Internal enable changed to 1

  Sinjie inverter VB5-22P2

  P0-03 Run the command channel to change it to 1

  P0.17 Acceleration time changed to 1.6(S)

  P0.18 Deceleration time changed to 1.6(S)

  P0.19 Upper frequency changed to 25(Hz)

  6. Machine operation instructions

  Three-color light instructions

  Yellow indicator light: it will be on when the machine is powered on and in standby state

  Green indicator light: it is on when the machine is running

  Red indicator light: light up after pressing the emergency stop button (buzzer rings at the same time)

  Confirm items before automatic operation of equipment

  Note: Please confirm that the emergency stop button is in reset state before starting the device

  Please make sure that no other person is operating the machine before starting the device

  Please confirm that the wrapping paper has been installed in place before starting the device



  ① After the device is powered on and the air switch is turned on, the touch screen of the device lights up and enters the "touch screen Startup interface" below.

  ② Click "Welcome to use" button to enter the automatic operation interface below



 Figure 1(English interface)




  Figure 2(Chinese interface)

  The key that

  1, heating stop (heating start) : control the temperature controller and heating tube start, stop

  2, step stop (step start) : control the start and stop of the paper feeding stepper motor

  3, fixed length mode (standard mode) : the fixed length mode is subject to the "set standard length" to cut off the wrapping paper

  The calibration mode is based on the sensing distance of the color code sensor to cut off the wrapping paper

  4. Feeding speed: the feeding servo speed can be adjusted automatically under the condition of "current speed" when it is not opened

  After opening, the frequency set by "feeding speed" shall prevail, and the feeding servo will run at a fixed speed

  ③ After pressing the green "start button", the "host running" light will be green, and the machine will enter the automatic operation state

  Seven, machine maintenance

  1. The machine production capacity and good and maintain the normal operation condition and maintenance work, has a very close relationship, the operator have the responsibility to keep the machine clean frequently, if any found faults within the machine, must be repaired in a timely manner, should be replaced parts must be replaced, otherwise not only influence the product quality, serious or even damage the machine,

  2. There is a lubricating system in the machine body, and the lubricating oil of the transmission part should be checked regularly. In the place where there is an oil cup and the moving part of the device without lubricating oil, refueling at least 2-3 times per shift, and the amount of refueling should not be much each time, so as not to cause pollution.

  3. After each shift, clean the chicken essence and chicken essence crumbs on the work table and conveyor belt.

  4. The machine should be repaired and overhauled regularly, and the wearing parts should be checked and replaced.

  Electrical part

  1. A 3 x 2.5mm2 single-phase power socket is required for the use of the machine.

  2. The power supply of the machine is single-phase AC220V.

  3. Use DC temperature control module to make its heating control run more smoothly and change the fluctuation of AC control.

  * 4. The machine adopts frequency converter, and stepless speed regulation, make its speed stability, avoiding the phenomenon of previous speed machine speed talk, effectively prevent mechanical and personal injury, still can set according to the needs of users, to meet the needs of users, the native application of microcomputer and cursor, it will produce more * is your products, bring more profits to your company.

  The electrical components of the machine are imported and made in China to ensure the reliable operation of the machine.

  Adjustment of touch screen

  Setting Setting standard length 75mm

  The cutting point is 5mm

  Parameter setting

  Feed multiple 100

  Encoder number 0

  Fine fraction 16

  The circumference of film feeding drum is 95.142mm

  Adjust to the length of wrapping paper you want

  Please refer to the manual of electrical components of this paper machine for the adjustment of color standard and temperature meter.

  Motor: 2.2KW 1450 to 220V

  Daily maintenance

  1. Keep the electrical box clean

  2. Avoid flushing with water

  3. Ensure that the motor is well ventilated.

  4. Prevent the instantaneous power stop to avoid damage to the frequency converter. If there is no existing overload signal, it should be judged whether the machinery is heavier without load or the instantaneous message power to find out the reason before restarting the machine.

  8. Transmission system description and attached drawings

  The motor with DI/D2 is transferred to Z1/Z2/23(FIG. 1) and Z1/Z2/Z4(FIG. 2) respectively. Through the eccentric wheel and connecting rod on the shaft, the disc jaw is driven to open and close. The action of feeding chicken essence in the front and connecting chicken essence in the back is completed, and the action of feeding, cutting, making paper and producing chicken essence is completed. Lubricate the gears in the box,

  The details are as follows:

  Disc jaw opening and closing: through the eccentric wheel on shaft 3: eccentric 2(FIG. 1), parallel with the connecting rod, the CAM of the chicken essence block group swings back and forth, and the chicken essence block clamp is opened or clamped through rollers and sub-levers.

  Feed chicken essence through the dimension gear on shaft 5: cone 3(FIG. 2), drive shaft 6 through cone 3/ cone 4, 5/ neng 6 and connecting rod and other parts, the push rod on shaft 6 to complete feeding chicken essence.

  After punching and catching the chicken essence: through the eccentric wheel: deflecting 3(Figure 2) on fishing 5, it is transmitted to the chicken essence rod through the connecting rod, and the action of catching the chicken essence rod is completed by swinging back and forth.

  Low cutting paper feeding: chain 1(FIG. 2) on The sprocket in Figure 5 drives shaft 7 through chain 1/ chain 2, and paper feeding on upper tool shaft of rail rack driven by pinion Z5 on shaft 7 is completed by a pair of rollers in the tool rest (iron roller/rubber motor drives together) to cut paper by a pair of upper and lower blades in the tool rest.

  Paper copying: The eccentric wheel of axis 3: deflection (Figure 1) works with the connecting rod to make axis 4 swing back and forth, so that the paper copying sheet fixed on axis 4 completes the paper copying action.

  The chicken essence lump is pulled out through cone 7(FIG. 2) on axis 2, through curtain 7/ cone 8, DIMENSION 9/ dimension 10, chain 3/ turn 4, chain 5/ chain 6 and a series of eccentric wheels and connecting rods on the table, so that the wrapped chicken essence lump (chicken essence lump) is folded and shaped and sent out by conveying chain.

  Turntable barrier rotation: through the shaft 3 on the chain 1, cone 1/ cone 2, to the CAM indexing mechanism, indexing mechanism output shaft drive turntable for temple rotation.

  Paper folding circle: it is a semicircular pan ring fixed on the body. It protects the paper when the pliers on the wheel clamp the paper and the chicken essence block return to the wheel. The paper folding pieces are installed on the two sides of the latter half of the steel circle.

  Main structure and its adjustment

  1. Paper feeding structure (FIG. 3)

  The bracket is fixed above the cutting tool holder, the paper ring shaft is fixed on the bracket, the bushing and the sleeve are simply matched, and can rotate on the shaft, the clamping paper plate is fixed on the sleeve with a support head that is nail, when the web paper is pulled by the drum of the web, the sleeve and the paper roll turn together, by the force of the tension spring, through the belt resistance, so that the roll sheet remains tensioned.

  Adjust the roller and sleeve as one, rotate the adjusting rod, through the concentrated bearing can move back and forth, thus driving the sleeve to move on the fixed shaft, in order to adjust the position of the web.

  The photoelectric head adjusting frame is fixed on the bracket, and the photoelectric head position can be moved by adjusting.

  2. Paper cutting tool holder (FIG. 4)

  The rotating speed of the hob shaft is equal to that of the main rotating shaft. When the main rotating shaft turns, the hob cuts a piece of paper, and the paper roll shaft and the rubber roller are installed on the knife holder, so that the wrapping paper can be smoothly passed without relative sliding.

  The knife edge of the fixed blade should be slightly lower than the plane of the guide paper, so as to prevent the paper from touching the knife edge when the paper is sent down. The blade on the deep knife shaft should be adjusted to the blade and the knife pill of the fixed blade lightly brush, to ensure that the paper edge is smooth and complete. If the blade is worn, it can still be used after removing and re-grinding.

  Wrapping paper of high and low position (bedplate of blade to blade distance adjustment method: unscrew tool post within the previous two M8 horn of bolt and the bolt on bridge gear plate in the tool post, will head along the body surface, the mobile can, to the right position, fixed outside the rest two M8 bolts, then adjust the bridge gear position (or bridge gear size), then tighten the bolt.

  In the debugging process, if the paper cutting time leads or lags, the relative position of chain 1 and chain 2 in Figure 2 should be changed to solve the problem.

  3. Packaging mechanism (FIG. 1, FIG. 2)

  Chicken piece piece after former rushed to send chicken pieces, blunt cut chicken pieces, after dipping paper, folding movement to complete the packaging process, such as when the chicken piece piece by the conveyor belt to the packing location, wrapping paper, should also be sent to the chicken pieces of forceps into open state, the former after the punch and punch were close to the chicken piece piece, and ties packing red chicken piece piece clamp, wrapping paper is cut down, When the chicken essence pieces are flushed and clamped back and forth, pass the clip board. To the middle of the chicken essence block pliers, the chicken essence block pliers and the paper together clamping, before and after the punch left at the same time, the paper was removed and formed, and then the chicken essence block pliers began to rotate, complete the paper folding action.

  After before the punch, punch, copy board, the chicken pieces of rod action, such as is done by eccentric wheel and the linkage transmission, partial 1 on main shaft 3, 2 with the corresponding to the connecting rod control writing respectively, chicken pieces of forceps movements, such as 3 with the corresponding to the connecting rod control on spindle 5 chicken pieces, shaft 5 of bevel gear and connecting rod to the corresponding axis through two rushed to send before 6 control chicken piece of action.

  In addition, through the bevel gear on the cone of shaft 2, drive the corresponding bevel gear, sprocket, eccentric wheel, connecting rod drive and other parts to control the chicken essence.

  Can according to the above package turn order, through each as profit on the heart chakra in the main shaft with a head screw, after physical experiments, confirmed to make correct, can be fitted with a round d, in addition some part needs to be done like quantity adjustment, can be obtained by adjusting the length of the connecting rod, one end of the connecting rod group of lines for the left, on the other side is right, adjustment, first to send two nut, Shake the fine material clockwise, the connecting rod becomes shorter, conversely, becomes longer, after the required length is adjusted, still tighten the two butterfly mother to prevent loosening.

  4. Turntable mechanism:

  The turntable is fixed on the shaft of the globoidal CAM indexing mechanism with a cone, and moves with the shaft. The turntable is equipped with six chicken fine block pliers. The chicken fine block pliers should have different states (open or clamped) at different stations according to the requirements of the packaging action.

  Partial 2 through the connecting rod to drive sleeve sleeve in the indexing mechanism out of the shaft rotates back and forth, set up a CAM. Chicken pieces of pliers to chicken block position, touch * point curve of CAM and roller, roller swing arm through, make chicken block clamp open, the chicken pieces of rod to pull chicken pieces, the turntable continue to roll, chicken essence pliers in chicken essence into blocks of position, remains open, chicken piece piece smoothly into the chicken pieces of pliers, before and after to punch before departing, the length of the roll out of CAM curve, That is to adjust the duration of the opening of the chicken sperm block forceps.











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